This bottle form was made at Tarragindi in 1962. Mid-range firing to about 1200 degrees C. 47cms h. In those days I spent a lot of my spare time skin-diving as a member of an Underwater Research Group. This pot seems to reflect that influence as it has a 'barnacled' feeling about it. It is now in the collection of the Queensland Art Gallery. Photo QAG

Vase 'Full of Holes.' Made in 1962, mid-range firing at my workshop in Tarragindi, Brisbane. I suppose it could be used for a dry grasses arrangement. I can't recall now but the first hole was probably an accident, after which I would have made the others. At that time in Australia this pot would have been regarded as heresy because most potters followed the gospel preached by Bernard Leach, the famous English potter. At that time I was defiantly opposed to any arbitrary restrictions.