Almost a vase, or should it be called a folded vase form? It is used for dried long twigs of eucalypts and other Australian dead foliage. Perhaps, for me, it is a portend of inevitable climate change. Anyway, there's a sort of compassion and challenging beauty in things that remind us of what once was alive: it comes to us all. Stoneware, 26cms. Iron oxide and light ash application.

Folded vase form for dried arrangement. Stoneware, 39cms, engobes and light ash.

Folded vase form for Australian flowering trees such as Banksia, Eucalypt, and many others. Stoneware, 39 cms. engobes and light ash.

This is the first time I have made these folded vases. Stoneware, fired under oxidation. 2014.

Folded vase form 39 cms. Stoneware, engobes and light ash.