The philosophy of the Japanese tea ceremony, known as Cha-no-yu has long been of interest to me, especially the expression of the ceremony, known as 'wabi' tea. This is one of many mizusashi (water-containers) that I have made over the years. It is perhaps too colourful for 'wabi' tea, but that is a decision made by the tea master when he decides the form of the particular occasion. For example, the seasons of the year often influence choice of a particular piece. Stoneware, 22 cms high approx.15 cms wide. c.2001

This small container is used for the powdered green tea which is used in the tea ceremony. Traditionally they have a special lid made for them, rather than a ceramic one. These lids were, at one time, made of ivory, but now are generally lacquered wood, or even plastic. Tea caddies of this sort are used for the 'thick' tea. They are usually enclosed in a special bag. Most tea-ceremony books illustrate both sorts of tea-caddy used.