The paintings of an Australian Aboriginal woman, Emily Kngawarrye, inspired a series of work. She was a most-creative woman and her paintings have added to the Australian visual language. All art is a visual language and becomes part of one's own experience. I find it interesting to realize the sources of my own expression.

This free-form dish is stoneware with oxide decoration and ash glaze. It is approx. 50 by 40 cms. c.2002 It too owes much to the later paintings of Emily Kngawarrye.


The decoration on this free-form platter was achieved by dipping the end of a sponge into glazes and 'dobbing' it onto the surface. The tin oxide glaze contrasts with a high-lime blue and iron glazes.

Free-form platter, 1998. 66 by 42 cms. Made at Beulah Park. Photo by Mick Bradley. For some time it was used in my garden as a bird-bath