I still have this platter in my possession. It was made in the mid 80's and although it has been exhibited a few times it never attracted much interest. The rather mysterious decoration is entirely owed to the skeletons of small twiggy parts of a eucalypt tree. The pot was fired subsequently and then glazed with a feldspar limestone glaze.

This pot is more a painting than some of the others. It comes from the period when I made several pots titled 'phases of the Moon.' It is a large platter about 50 cms in diameter.

This large platter is part of the series inspired by aboriginal legends of the Olary Uplands in South Australia.

This platter is the reverse of the following platter. The camera can mislead you. When I looked at the slide, taken at a different time, I thought it to be a different pot. One could be tempted to think they are different pots but the difference comes from digital scanning by someone who didn't know the actual pot.