Nearly in my eighty-eighth year and one still finds temptation to play 'silly buggers,'as I rudely call experiments. I don't know myself whether they are vases, or sculptured vase-forms. Stoneware, and about 33 cms tall. .Not thrown, but wrapped around a form. I don't even know whether I like it, but I'll wait and see. 2013

Pretty much the same as the previous form. About the same height and made the same way. Stoneware, 35 cms, 2013


I used the lemon-scented gum branches in an earlier pic as inspiration for the surface. (I refuse to say the word 'decoration.') One doesn't ask a painter does he 'decorate' his canvas, Stoneware, 26 cms. 2013. Iron oxide from Western Australia Pilbara area.

These are the colours of the South Australian 'outback.' An ikebana expert might find it a challenge. Perhaps not._Stoneware, 23 cms. 2013