I recall the famous National Treasure, Hamada Shoji saying he sometimes decorated hundreds of pots at the one sitting: I have been guilty of the same. It is the number of pots that one decorates-and especially at the one time-that gives fluency.

This shallow bowl was made in 1977-78 at Summertown in the Adelaide Hills.It is stoneware, fired in a small gas-fired noborigama under reducing conditions. It is now in the collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia.For many years I decorated most of my pots with soft-brush decorations.

Platter. 1978, 46.2 cms diam. Collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia. It recalls a Japanese experience, of a strong breeze blowing blossoms from a tree. The glaze is a neptheline syenite one and the decoration is mainly copper and manganese.

Platter 1977. 47 cms diam.It is in the collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia, SA Government grant, assisted by the Crafts Board of the Australia Council. Neptheline syenite glaze with copper and manganese decoration.