Platter, 1982. 49.5 cms diam. Made at Summertown it is now in the National Gallery of Victoria collection. (Presented by the Crafts Board of the Australia Council. Photo NGV.)_The decoration owes much to kimono patterning, although the decoration is looser than the more strictly-patterned designs usual in Japanese fabric design.

This platter was made in 1982. Neptheline Syenite glaze with ash glaze and reduced copper and cobalt glaze decoration. 45 cms diam. The ash-glaze at the bottom gives this bowl a 'horizon' line, something I have since questioned. As a friend remarked once, a horizon line challenges the 'totality' of the pot, which concerned his 'artist's eye. He thought a pot should be able to be viewed from all angles. In the tradition of world pottery so-called 'horizon' lines are not unusual.

Platter. 1978, 46.2 cms diam. Collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia. It recalls a Japanese experience, of a strong breeze blowing blossoms from a tree. The glaze is a neptheline syenite one and the decoration is mainly copper and manganese.

Platter 1977. 47 cms diam.It is in the collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia, SA Government grant, assisted by the Crafts Board of the Australia Council. Neptheline syenite glaze with copper and manganese decoration.