This dish was fired with twigs of trees that left skeletons of ash. The bowl was then fired with a clear feldspar glaze to stoneware temperatures in an oxidizing atmosphere.It was made in 1985 at Summertown, South Australia. 45 cms wide. Photo by Clayton Glen.

This platter was named 'Grass Parrots.' 55 cms in diam. It was made in 1990 at Summertown, Adelaide Hills.It is in a public collection but I have lost trace of where it might be. It was made after a trip to the Flinders and Gammon Ranges in the exciting lands north of where I live.


This plate was made in 1990 at Summertown. It is 45 cms diam. Photo by Clayton Glen. The dot-type decoration owes something to Aboriginal design, but it certainty doesn't mis-appropriate them.