I called this platter 'Flight of Finches' after seeing a cloud of such birds in the South Australian outback.50 cms diam. Photo by Clayon Glen.

Bowl 'Spirit of Mt Painter.' 1991. 54.5 cms diam. Made at Summertown. Collection of Queensland Art Gallery. Mt Painter is in the Gammon Ranges National Park. It is an area rich in minerals and has some of the most spectacular scenery in Australis. I once described it as expressing the bones' of this ancient country. The whole area is part of Aboriginal lore, with stories of the 'creation' time.


Bowl 'Olary Uplands' 1998, 64 cms diam. The Olary Uplands is a semi-arid landscape and everywhere there is evidence of the earliest occupants of this country going back at least forty thousand years. Made at Beulah Park. Photo, Mick Bradley.