This free-form dish is one of a series I have done which, hopefully, are expressive of the arid 'outback' areas of South Australia. It is stoneware, with oxides and ash glaze. approx 40 by 30 cms. c.2001 Although it is nothing like their painted forms it was inspired by paintings found on vertical granite surfaces in the Olary uplands.

A platter made in the late 90's. This is more a painter's pot because the emphasis is on the decoration, inspired by the Panarammittee painted art on the granite outcrops in the Olary Uplands.


This free-form dish was inspired by the Olary Uplands of South Australia. The Olary Uplands is a semi-desert area, once inhabited by the Australian Aborigine people over a period of 40,000 years. There are many petroglyph sites in the area, plus occasional painting sites. the dish is stoneware, approx.45 cms long. c.2000

This free-form platter was made in the late 90's. Following a serious back injury I found I could only manage free-form work of this sort. The irregularity of the form offered an interesting decoration challenge.