This globular shaped vase was made at Summertown in the early '90's. It is stoneware with oxide decoration under an ash glaze. The ash-glaze became quite molten which explains the downward movement of the runny glaze.

I can't recall the period this pot was made but I think it is from the mid 1980's. It is stoneware, about 50 cms tall, as I recall. It was made at Summertown.


I recall being pleased with this pot. It was made in the mid 1980's and was purchased for a public collection, but which one it was I am not sure. I regret my carelessness in not making proper records. But-as one tells oneself-you have to sort out priorities.

Vase form. 1990, Stoneware, 45 cms h. Inspired by grasses in the semi-arid lands, it was made at Summertown in the Adelaide Hills.